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Is Boutique Air Safe
Is Boutique Air Safe? A Complete Overview

Boutique Air has maintained a strong safety record with FAA certification since 2007. The airline complies with strict safety standards in the industry. Moreover, Boutique Air offers passengers scheduled flights and charter services to…

Is Bluebird Airways Safe to Travel
Is Bluebird Airways Safe?

Bluebird Airways is a young airline with a history of major accidents. However, safety should not only focus on the situation itself but also review the certification and flight instructions. Bluebird certifies and demonstrates…

Airline Pilot Beard Policy
Why Can’t Airline Pilots Have Beards?

Have you ever noticed that pilots always look clean? Unlike many other professions where facial hair is a matter of personal style, pilots must maintain a clean-cut appearance not a matter of coincidence or…

Does American Airlines have Trading Cards - AirlineGuidelines
Does American Airlines have Trading Cards?

In the aviation industry, airlines always look for innovative ways to engage with their passengers to create a memorable experience. One such unique initiative involves the distribution of trading cards. These trading cards are…

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