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Air Malta Baggage Allowance Policy

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Air Malta Baggage Allowance Policy

Air Malta, an airline known for its commitment to passenger comfort has a specific baggage policy that allows them to check up to 2 bags. The airline offers a free allowance to carry up to 1 handbag for each ticket. In addition to that, passengers who expect to carry more can add extra luggage which is subject to some fee.

Here, you will get a brief on Air Malta baggage allowance, including checked baggage, cabin bags, and special baggage considerations.

Air Malta Cabin Baggage Allowance

As per Air Malta Cabin Baggage allowance, 1 small bag is allowed to every passenger irrespective of their flight class. The number of handbags varies over the type of ticket booked.

The Air Malta baggage limit for small bags is 40cm x 34cm x 18cm (the bag must fit under the seat before). Additionally, the handbag must be within or up to 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm.

Economy Class

For Economy Classes, the hand baggage allowance for all fares includes:

Class TypeBaggage Allowance
Economy Value1 small bag
Economy Plus1 small bag, 1 hand bag (up to 10kg)
Economy Flex1 small bag, 1 hand bag (up to 10kg) 

Business Class

Below are the number of bags allowed with Air Malta Business Class:

Class TypeBaggage Allowance
Business Basic1 small bag, 1 hand bag (up to 10kg)
Business Value1 small bag, 1 hand bag (up to 10kg)
Business Plus1 small bag, 1 hand bag (up to 10kg)
Business Flex1 small bag, 2 hand bags (2*8 kg)

Air Malta Hand Baggage Rules

Passengers whose cabin baggage exceeds the given limit are subject to a fee, called Air Malta excess baggage fee. In addition:

  • A small bag is included in the ticket process for all Economy and Business fares.
  • Hand luggage is not included in Air Malta Economy Basic and Economy Value.
  • For Economy Plus and Economy Flex fares, passengers can carry hand luggage up to 10 kg.
  • Business Flex fare allows 2 handbags for 8 kg each.
  • Air Malta Business Basic, Business Value, and Business Plus allow one hand luggage per passenger 10 kg.

Air Malta Checked Baggage Allowance

As per Air Malta’s checked baggage allowance, passengers in all classes can carry free checked bags except Economy Basic class. The size of checked baggage with Air Malta must be within 158cm or 62 linear inches.

Below is the detailed checked baggage allowance that varies according to the class chosen.

Economy Class

Passengers flying with Air Malta Economy Class must adhere to the following checked baggage allowance:

Class TypeChecked Baggage AllowanceWeight (per bag)
Economy Value1 bagUpto 10 kg
Economy Plus1 bagUpto 20 kg
Economy Flex1 bag  Upto 20 kg

Business Class

Passengers flying with Air Malta Business Class must adhere to the following checked baggage allowance:

Class TypeChecked Baggage AllowanceWeight (per bag)
Business BasicNot allowed
Business Value1 bagUp to 20 kg
Business Plus1 bagUp to 32 kg
Business Flex2 bagUp to 2×32 kg

Air Malta Excess Baggage Policy and Fees

As per Air Malta baggage policy, any luggage that exceeds the entitled or given limit would be considered excess baggage. For this, passengers are asked to pay an additional fee at the airport.

For Cabin Baggage

Passengers whose carry-on bag exceeds the given Air Malta weight or size allowance are subject to some excess baggage fees. Below is an overview of the charges applied:

Excess Baggage WeightFee
Up to 15kg43 USD
16-20 kg54 USD
21-32 kg75 USD

NOTE: For the passengers in the ‘Economy Value’ class, will be charged 27 USD at the boarding gate if they don’t check in their 10kg checked baggage.

For Checked Baggage

If the weight of checked baggage crosses the fare allowance given by Air Malta, passengers will be charged 10.80 USD per kg extra.

Here’s the overview of the Air Malta excess baggage fees if purchased through different channels as mentioned below:

Through WebsiteSales Office or Customer SupportOther Channels
10kg Hand luggage + Boarding – 16.20 USD10kg Hand luggage + Boarding – 21.60 USD10kg Hand luggage + Boarding – N/A
Up to 15kg Checked Baggage – 21.60 USDUp to 15kg Checked Baggage – 27 USDUp to 15kg Checked Baggage – 43.20 USD
Up to 20kg Checked Baggage – 27 USDUp to 20kg Checked Baggage – 32.40 USDUp to 20kg Checked Baggage – 54 USD
Up to 32kg Checked Baggage –37.80 USDUp to 32kg Checked Baggage –43.20 USDUp to 32kg Checked Baggage –75.60 USD

Air Malta Restricted/Prohibited Items

As per Air Malta baggage policy, the airline restricts some items in cabin or checked luggage. These items include:

  • Guns, firearms, or other projectile-discharging devices.
  • Stunning Devices.
  • Any kind of sharp-pointed/edged objects.
  • Any kind of workmen’s tools like drill bits, crowbars, saws, etc.
  • Blunt instruments like baseball bats, and batons.
  • Explosives.
  • Aerosols or Gels.

Additional Restrictions

Air Malta baggage restrictions are also applied to the liquids and baby foods as mentioned below – 

  • Liquids must be stored in containers with a 100 ml maximum capacity each. 
  • Each container needs to be placed within a clear, resealable plastic bag that can hold up to one liter. 
  • Only one sealed bag is allowed per person and must be delivered separately to Security Screening for additional inspection.
  • Upon request, passengers with ongoing medical illnesses requiring medication must present a pertinent medical certificate.

Air Malta Baggage Rules

Air Malta baggage rules offer detailed & additional instructions for baggage allowances, tariffs, and restrictions to ensure compliance and avoid extra expenses. The guidelines include – 

  • Any checked baggage weighing more than 32 kg and 158 cm in size would be considered special baggage.
  • Passengers carrying medical equipment like oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, etc. on the flight must contact the airlines at least 24 hours before the flight’s departure.
  • To avoid extra charges, passengers should adhere to the specified weight restrictions for cabin and checked luggage.
  • Checked baggage exceeding 32kg weight, will be sent by Cargo services only.
  • If there is insufficient space in the overhead bin, the cabin baggage would go as checked luggage. No Air Malta Baggage Fee will be applied.
  • Purchase additional luggage allowance while requesting the Air Malta check-in process. The airline accepts baggage no later than 1 hour before scheduled departure.
  • Remember to verify the TSA (US Transportation Security Administration) guidelines regarding the use of locks before getting ready for your checked-in luggage for your trip to the USA.
  • On flights to and from the USA, certain goods, such as combustible material, are strictly prohibited for both checked and in-cabin luggage. Please call Air Malta’s customer service at +356 2135 6000 for additional information.

Air Malta Musical Instrument Policy

As per Air Malta baggage policy, musical instruments can be checked as cabin baggage and checked baggage.

  • Passengers must pack their instruments in hard, sturdy cases to avoid any kind of damage.
  • The maximum weight limit for checked-in musical instruments should not exceed 32kg.
  • If the weight crosses the limit, passengers need to buy excess baggage at 43.28 USD per piece in each direction.
  • If space allows and your fare is eligible, you may bring small instruments as cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 10kg. This includes:
    • Bugles
    • Clarinet
    • Flutes
    • Guitars
    • Piccolos
    • Saxophones
    • Trumpets
    • Violas
    • Violins
  • Air Malta passengers on Economy Basic and Economy Value can purchase Priority, which includes 10 kg hand luggage and priority boarding, to ensure that their valuable instruments are in the cabin with them.
  • You can reserve a cabin seat if you want to bring heavier instruments in the cabin with you.

Air Malta Sports Equipment Policy

Air Malta allows their passengers to conveniently carry their sporting equipment and is subject to a fee. The charges are mentioned in the table below, according to the channel they choose:

Booked ThroughFee up to 20 KgFee up to 30 Kg
OnlineN/A37.87 USD
Sales Office and Customer Care32.46 USD43.28 USD
Airport54.10 USD75.74 USD

The items listed below are categorized as sporting goods. Flying passengers carrying these types of equipment need to be checked in at the airport and kept in a sturdy container:

  • Archery Equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Bowling Balls
  • Cricket Equipment
  • Croquet Clubs
  • Dance Sports
  • Diving Equipment
  • Fencing
  • Golf Clubs
  • Hockey Equipment
  • Kitesurfing Equipment
  • Sailing Kits
  • Skiing Equipment
  • Water skis
  • Firearms
  • Abseiling Equipment
  • Football Equipment
  • Rock Climbing
  • Tennis Equipment

Air Malta Special Baggage Policy

Air Malta allows passengers to carry any type of special luggage but under some rules. Below is the overview of the airline’s terms and conditions for each type of special item in the bag:

Medical Devices

  • Contact the Air Malta medical team at least 24 hours before your flight if you need to bring any medical supplies, such as an oxygen tank or wheelchairs. 
  • A medical certificate must be presented by passengers, proving that the equipment and medication are necessary. The medication’s specifics and intended use must be listed on the certificate.

Firearms And Ammunition

  • The properly packaged firearms and/or ammunition inside a suitcase with the goods will be allowed to be checked in as per Air Malta baggage policy.
  • The relevant gun certificate must be carried with any firearm that is carried. 
  • Ammunition that is not loose is forbidden. Rather, it needs to be packaged in its original box or in a proper container that keeps the cartridges or shells from moving around. 
  • Only 5 kg of ammunition may be packed for that individual’s use.

How to book Special Baggage with Air Malta?

When checking in, travelers can reserve their special baggage according to the following instructions given by Air Malta:

  • With Air Malta’s customer service, passengers can schedule a reservation for their special baggage.
  • Prepare to cite the booking reference number from your ticket, along with your first and last name.
  • To minimize disappointment, Air Malta urges all of its customers to reserve special baggage at least 48 hours before departure.
  • Air Malta advises its passengers to purchase supplemental insurance to cover the value of their special baggage in the event of loss or damage.

Air Malta Add Baggage

Air Malta provides various ways for its passengers to add baggage if needed. Below is how:

  • To add baggage, visit Air Malta’s official website, click on the “My booking’ tab, and enter the required number of bags. This must be done 3 hours before departure.
  • Passengers can also call Air Malta customer support at +356 21 356 000 to purchase their additional baggage allowances.
  • Passengers can visit the sales office at Malta International Airport for their additional baggage purchase.

NOTE: All the additional purchases must be completed before 5 hours of the departure time, irrespective of the channel chosen.

The Air Malta baggage allowance policy provides a detailed set of guidelines for allowed and prohibited items, excess baggage charges, how to claim more baggage allowance, and more. The thorough rundown of the previously mentioned topics makes understanding easier for travelers and helps them steer clear of last-minute difficulties at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Air Malta baggage allowance?

Air Malta baggage allowance includes 1 bag in the cabin along with a small bag of up to 10 kgs with dimensions of 55 x 40 x 25 cm in premium economy class and 2 cabin bags totaling 16 kgs in the premium business class. For check-in luggage, the weight limit is 20 kgs with the premium economy class and 32 kgs with the premium business class.

Will I be charged for the extra baggage in the cabin?

Yes, you will be charged extra if your baggage exceeds the given limit, as mentioned in the Air Malta baggage policy. This fee varies for different classes.

How much cabin luggage can I bring in the Economy Flex Class flight with Air Malta?

You can bring 1 piece of cabin baggage along with 1 small bag in the Air Malta Economy Flex class.

What if my baggage exceeds the limit of 32 kg?

If your baggage is over 32 kg with Air Malta, it might not get checked in and will be sent through the airline Cargo service only (if available).

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