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Easyfly Check-In Online

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With Easyfly Check In facility, passengers can complete the boarding formalities online, through mobile app as well as at the airport. In this article, we will understand all the check-in methods available with Easyfly, the check-in timeline that passengers need to adhere to, paperwork required to complete the check-in and more.

Easyfly Check-In Methods

Passengers can easily complete the check in with easyfly through the following methods – 

  • Online check in – Passengers can access the EasyFly website and complete the check-in through Manage Booking tab.
  • Mobile app check-in – EasyFly lets eligible passenger check-in through the in-house app. Once you complete the check-in, the digital boarding pass would be issued. 
  • Check-in at the airport – Passengers can arrive at least 3 hours before on the day of departure and the airline will issue the paper boarding pass at the counter.

Easyfly  web check-in

Go to the Easyfly website  and navigate “Manage Bookings”.

  • Enter the Booking Reference and the passenger’s last name
  • Select the flight segment that needs to be checked in.
  • Add seats, baggage or any other special request.
  • Click on confirm to complete the check-in, and the boarding pass would be generated on the screen.
  • You can print it right away ro download it for later use.

Mobile check-in Easyfly App

Passengers can request the Easyfly check-in through the mobile app. Follow these steps – 

  • Download the Easyfly app via Google or iOS PlayStore 
  • Launch the app and tap on the check-in option from the main screen.
  • Select the flight segments.
  • Click on the check-in to proceed.
  • Select seats, bags or other travel add-ons for your itinerary.
  • Click on Confirm to generate the mobile boarding pass.
  • Download and save the e-boarding pass in your smartphone.

Easyfly check-in at the airport

Passengers can request the Easyfly check-in at the airport up to 30 minutes before departure for domestic travel and 60 minutes prior for international travel – 

  • Go to the Easyfly check in counter at the airport.
  • Provide your booking reference or the e-ticket number. That will help the Easyfly representatives to access your reservation.
  • Provide the option for seats or you can request to purchase add-ons like baggage, seats selection, wheelchair requests etc.
  • If you have baggage to check, the airline will issue the baggage tags.
  • After you complete the check-in, the Easyfly representative will issue the paper boarding pass. 
  • After you submit your luggage, you can head to the security checkpoint gate in order to board the flight.

EasyFly Domestic And International Flight Check-in

Passengers must remember that the timeline for domestic and international travel varies –

  • Domestic flight check-in – Must complete the check-in 45 minutes before scheduled departure.
  • International flight check-in – Must complete the check-in 60 minutes before scheduled departure.

Paperwork Required To Complete EasyFly Check-in

Passengers must need the following documents to complete the easyfly check in

  • Booking reference number or ticket number
  • Valid ID such as passport or government issued photo ID
  • Necessary visa or entry permits.
  • Travel insurance, not mandatory
  • Depending on the destination, passengers may need customs declaration forms.
  • Baggage tags if traveling with the checked luggage
  • Passengers who require special assistance must carry the necessary documentation related to the special needs.

Easyfly Check-In Time Limit

One of the few lost-cost carriers in Europe, Easyfly does not charge any fee for check-in online or at the airport. Here are the following timelines that passengers must adhere to in order to complete easyfly check in – 

  • Easyfly check in online – Between 30 days and 2 hours before the flight.
  • Easyfly check in through mobile app – Between 30 days and 60 minutes before scheduled departure.v
  • Easyfly check in at the airport – Between 4 hours and 45 minutes before departure.
  • Passengers who are traveling without checked bags – Must arrive 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • Passengers who are traveling without checked bags – Must arrive 90 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Does EasyFly Allow For Free Check-In

Regardless of any method you adopt, Easyfly check-in is process is free of charge – 

  • Web check-in – Free 
  • Mobile app check-in – Free 
  • Airport check-in – Free 

How To Obtain A Boarding Pass For EasyFly Check-in?

There are plenty of options to access the boarding pass for Easyfly  – 

  • Easyfly check in online – Obtain a boarding pass after you complete the check-in for Easyfly via the website. This option will allow you to print the boarding pass.
  • Easyfly check-in via mobile app – Passengers can get e-boarding pass as it will generate on the mobile screen. Simply download and save it on your device. On the day of departure, retrieve the downloaded file and show it at the security checkpoint and the boarding gate. 
  • At the airport – Passengers can also receive boarding passes through the self-service check-in or by seeking assistance of the Easyfly representative at the check-in counter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is flight check-in free in Easyfly?

Yes, whether passengers complete online check-in or through the mobile app, the check-in is free of charge.

How many hours before the flight should i check-in Easyfly?

The Easyfly check-in time window for online booking starts 30 days before up until 60 minutes before scheduled departure.

How does Easyfly check-in work?

Passengers need to visit the airline’s website and navigate to the Manage Booking tab. This way passengers can obtain the boarding pass online.

How to check-in online Easyfly?

To check-in online passengers can complete the boarding process through the airline’s website or mobile app.

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