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Lanmei Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

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Lanmei Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

Lanmei Airlines Baggage Allowance varies with the class of services and the travel route, as the airline strives to offer generous baggage allowance. When it comes to excess baggage allowance, it is subject to an additional charge.

Below is the detailed outline for the Lanmei Airlines Baggage Policy for checked, carry-on, excess as well as special baggage, how to purchase extra baggage with the airline, and more.

Lanmei Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

As per Lanmei Airlines checked baggage policy, the free checked baggage allowance for economy and premium class is 15 kg and 25 kg respectively.

Checked baggage allowance for Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur: The free baggage allowance for Economy Class is 20 kg. For Business Class, it is 30 kg per passenger each way. 

Lanmei Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

As per Lanmei Airlines hand baggage policy, travelers may bring one piece of hand luggage that must not be more than 7 kg in weight. The size of the checked baggage must be within 115 cm (55 x 40 x 20 cm).

Also, if a passenger does not carry any checked-in baggage, they can pay an extra 5 USD to increase their hand baggage allowance to 11 kg.

Travelers can bring 1 additional personal item, which should not exceed the dimension of 80 cm (40 cm X 30 cm X 10 cm). The items could be:

  • Small handbag
  • Laptop Bag
  • Small Backpack
  • Camera Bag
  • Briefcase

Moreover, passengers whose cabin bags exceed 7 kg are subject to an excess baggage fee of 30 USD for each bag and should be considered as checked bags.

NOTE: If any passenger is not carrying any checked-in baggage, he/she could pay 5 USD at the time of Lanmei Airlines check-in to increase their free allowance for cabin luggage up to 11 kg, where special baggage will be attached.

Lanmei Airlines Excess Baggage Policy & Fees

Passengers whose baggage weight exceeds 32 kg in weight and/or 158 cm in size are subject to excess Baggage Fees in Lanmei Airlines.

For Flights within Cambodia

Refer to the table below for the fee for extra baggage allowance which varies when you purchase online or at the airport:

Purchase MethodPrice (per kg)Conditions
Online Purchase5 USDBags that are less than 1 kg are still considered 1 kg and are charged as per the guidelines.
Airport Counter Purchase8 USDNA

Lanmei Airlines International Baggage Policy

Below is the overview of the excess baggage for all flights outside Cambodia:

Purchase MethodPrice per kgConditions
Online Purchase2 USDExtra bags must be added 2.5 hours before departure.
Airport Counter Purchase3 USDNA

If your baggage weight is over 30kg, Lanmei Airlines will charge you an excess baggage fee of USD 15 per kg.

Lanmei Airlines Prohibited Items

Some items are restricted to carry as checked as well as carry-on with Lanmei Airlines. These items include – 

  • Guns, Military armed equipment, or police equipment.
  • Ammunition, Blasting equipment, Pyrotechnics
  • Daggers, three-edged knives, knives with self-locking devices, single-edged knives, double-edged knives, and other similar kinds of knives.
  • Any kind of flammable items
  • Cyanide, highly toxic pesticides, and other highly toxic items
  • Corrosive items, and radioactive items.
  • Liquid, Gel and Spray Items

Lanmei Airlines Baggage Rules

Lanmei Airlines Baggage rules specify some of the important terms and conditions that passengers should keep in conscience. The rules include:

  • Any single checked bag must not exceed 32kg in weight and 158cm in dimension.
  • Mobility aids, sports equipment, etc, and other items must be re-arranged into lighter units to avoid delay and hassle.
  • Baggage exceeding the free allowance will only be allowed subject to the availability of space on board on the day of departure.
  • There’s no limit on the number of checked pieces carried by the passengers 
  • Wheelchairs, baby carriages, sports equipment, etc. are accepted free of charge. These items are considered under excess baggage allowance. 
  • Infants who do not have a seat, will not receive any free allowance for carry-on or checked baggage.
  • Passengers who are traveling together on the same itinerary can pool their checked luggage to adhere to all the guidelines under the Lanmei baggage policy.

How to purchase an additional baggage allowance with Lanmei Airlines?

Passengers can add baggage with Lanmei Airlines at the time of booking or online check-in. Other options include-

  • Passengers can also use Lanmei Airlines’ mini app (Lanmei Club) and add an extra baggage allowance 2.5 hours before departure.
  • GSAs and sales offices allow passengers to request extra baggage anytime after booking. 
  • Passengers can also add extra baggage allowance at the airport provided baggage must be added no later than 60 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 120 minutes before for international travel. 

NOTE: Lanmei Airlines baggage allowance for extra baggage is expensive at the airport as compared to online. Also, the additional baggage purchase must be completed 2.5 hours before the flight time.

Lanmei Baggage allowance policy offers a specified set of rules regarding hand and checked baggage, excess baggage fees, prohibited items, how to claim additional baggage allowance and more. The detailed overview of the aforementioned points simplifies the understanding for the passengers and helps them avoid last-minute hassles at the airport. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lanmei Airlines baggage policy?

Passengers can bring cabin baggage weighing up to 7 kg and measuring 55 x 40 x 20 cm on a domestic flight and 2 cabin bags weighing 15 kg on an international flight.

Will I be charged for the extra baggage in the cabin?

Yes, you will be charged extra if you exceed the number of baggage as mentioned in the Lanmei Airlines baggage policy.

How much cabin luggage can I bring on a domestic flight with Lanmei Airlines?

On a Lanmei Airlines domestic flight, you can bring one bag in a cabin weighing up to 7 kg.

Can I  purchase additional baggage while being at the airport?

Yes, you can purchase additional baggage at the airport 2 hours before departure for international travel. The Lanmei Airlines baggage fee at the airport is more, compared to online.

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