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Does American Airlines have Trading Cards?

Does American Airlines have Trading Cards - AirlineGuidelines

In the aviation industry, airlines always look for innovative ways to engage with their passengers to create a memorable experience. One such unique initiative involves the distribution of trading cards. These trading cards are one unique way of featuring planes, pilots, and even animals. Several major airlines have adopted this innovative way to offer great experiences for their flyers. But those flying with American Airlines have this question in mind. “Does American Airlines have trading cards?” In this blog post, let’s learn more about airline trading cards and find out the answer to this question. 

What is an Airline Trading Card?

Airlines trading cards are collectible cards issued by airlines that feature various aspects of the airline’s operations. These can range from specific airplane models, showcasing their features and specifications, to pilot cards and even cards highlighting the airline’s wildlife conservation efforts through animal illustrations. These cards serve as a fun collectible item and aim to educate passengers about the airline’s fleet, environmental initiatives, and more. These cards are popular among both children and adults, turning a regular flight into a more engaging and educational experience. 

Does American Airlines offer Trading Cards?

Currently, American Airlines does not offer trading cards as part of their in-flight experience or promotional activities. Unlike Delta and Frontier Airlines, American has yet to explore this engaging and educational collectible item for their passengers. However, the airline industry is booming, and American Airlines could potentially introduce trading cards or any other initiative in the future as a new way to enhance the travel experience and connect with their customers on a more personal level.

Other Airlines that offer Trading Cards

While the concept of airline trading cards might seem novel, several airlines have already adopted this trend. Airlines like Delta and Frontier have started giving out these cards, which mix learning with fun.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines stated the trend of airline trading cards over 20 years ago. They have made six sets of cards so far each showing different airplane models and sharing interesting facts about them. Delta works with pilots to design these cards. If you’re flying with Delta and are curious about aviation, you can ask a pilot or a crew member for a trading card to learn more during your flight.

Frontier Airlines 

Frontier Airlines has a unique take on trading cards by featuring different animals on them. Each card comes with facts about the animal, which helps passengers learn about wildlife and the environment. This not only entertains but also educates passengers about nature. You can get these cards by asking a pilot or crew member during a Frontier flight.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines thought about starting trading cards through a social media test, which got passengers and collectors excited. However, they haven’t started offering physical trading cards on their flights yet. There’s hope that Spirit might join in and create their trading cards in the future.


As of now, American Airlines has not ventured into the trading card arena. However, the success and popularity of trading cards with other airlines like Delta and Frontier highlight a creative avenue for engaging passengers. While AA might not currently offer trading cards, the evolving nature of airline passenger engagement suggests that the skies could be the limit for future initiatives. Who knows? Maybe American Airlines will surprise us with their collection of trading cards in the future.

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