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Is Cambodia Airways Safe? – Revealed

Is Cambodia Airways Safe

Cambodia Airways is considered a safe airline and has not reported any major safety issues. Although the airline itself hasn’t yet been rated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program, Cambodian airlines follow international safety standards and operations.

Moreover, Cambodia Airways is a young and growing private airline based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was founded in September 2017 and has become the country’s third-largest airline by passenger numbers. With the slogan “Wings of Cambodia,” the airline is committed to safety and connecting travelers with the beautiful culture and places of Cambodia.

How Safe is Cambodia Airways?

Cambodia Airways operates modern aircraft that are generally safe. Some important points to consider for its safety are as below:

  • Maintenance Practice: Cambodia Airways’ regular and careful maintenance ensures the safety of the aircraft.
  • Pilot training: Qualified and experienced pilots of Cambodia Airways are another important element of flight safety.

Cambodia Airways Safety Record

It is difficult to evaluate Cambodia Airways’ safety record due to a lack of transparency. There is limited public information about maintenance procedures, pilot training, and past incidents. Additionally, the effectiveness of Cambodia’s compliance with international security measures is unclear.

Cambodia Airways Safety Reviews

Passengers gave mixed reviews about Cambodia Airways’ safety, some praised its modern fleet while others expressed concerns about the lack of transparency in the monitoring process.

International Flights

  • Positive: Passengers appreciate the comfort of the new aircraft and the professional service of flight attendants used for international travel a smooth check-in process with Cambodia Airways streamlines the international departure experience
  • Negative: Some reviews mention concerns about the availability of safety information in multiple languages ​​and the lack of entertainment options on international routes.

Domestic Flights

  • Positive: Some reviews are concerned about safety information being available in multiple languages ​​and the lack of entertainment options on international routes.
  • Negative: Some Concerns were raised about cabin crew training and emergency preparedness procedures, particularly for those unfamiliar with Cambodian airlines. Additionally, some reviews mention limited legroom on smaller domestic aircraft.

NOTE: Passenger reviews can be subjective if necessary and do not affect the overall security of the aircraft. Evaluate this information together with maintenance procedures and inspection work to gain a better understanding.

Safety Rating of Cambodia Airways

Cambodia Airways has received an average safety rating of 5.5 out of 10. In particular, these factors are important for the safe operation of the airline, so limited information makes it difficult to evaluate Cambodia Airways’ safety as a whole.

  • Modern Fleet: Cambodia Airways has a modern fleet, which is generally considered a good safety feature. New planes usually have the latest safety technology and are less likely to crash.
  • Limited Transparency: Cambodia Airways’ regular and comprehensive maintenance is essential to ensure the aircraft’s continued suitability and the lack of transparency in this process has raised concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are Cambodia Airways’ international flights?

Modern aircraft and international flight attendants have good experience. Concerns include limited safety information in multiple languages ​​and fewer entertainment options.

What type of aircraft does Cambodia Airways operate?

The majority of their fleet consists of Boeing 737-800s, a used and reliable aircraft with a good safety record.

What is the reputation of Cambodia Airways’ customer service?

Customer reviews may vary. While some passengers appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, others may experience communication problems or delays.

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