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FlyaDeal Baggage Allowance & Policy

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FlyaDeal Baggage Allowance & Policy

Understanding the baggage policy of FlyaDeal Airlines is essential for a hassle-free travel experience. You must know the standard baggage allowance of FlyaDeal Airlines including the weight and size limitation before your flight.

Here, in this article, we will cover the FlyaDeal Airlines baggage policy to understand the rules, allowances, and fees associated with excess baggage.

Rules and Regulations

FlyaDeal Airlines has a specific baggage policy to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers onboard. Below are essential guidelines that you should be aware of when preparing your baggage for a flight with FlyaDeal Airlines:

  • Ensure that your baggage complies with the size and weight limits set by FlyaDeal Airlines to avoid additional fees.
  • As per the baggage policy, FlyaDeal Airlines reserves the right to inspect any baggage as part of security procedures.
  • You must not pack items that are prohibited by FlyaDeal Airlines, such as hazardous materials or sharp objects, in your baggage.
  • FlyaDeal Airlines is not responsible for damage to baggage due to normal wear and tear or improper packing.
  • If your baggage exceeds the weight or size limit, FlyaDeal Airlines may impose extra charges.
  • You will need to clearly label your baggage with your contact information and ensure it is easily identifiable to avoid loss or confusion at the airport when flying with FlyaDeal Airlines.
  • You must adhere to baggage drop timelines i.e. 60 minutes before the scheduled departure as specified for a smooth check-in with FlyaDeal Airlines.

FlyaDeal Baggage Allowance 

FlyaDeal Airlines offers a standard baggage allowance that includes both carry-on and checked luggage. The bags are subject to certain size and weight limitations. In this section, we will cover the specific policies for different types of baggage.

Carry-on Baggage Policy

FlyaDeal Airlines allows you to bring one small under-seat bag with dimensions of 40 x 20 x 30 cm. This is the free carry-on baggage allowance for a general booking with FlyaDeal. This under-seat luggage can be a laptop bag, handbag, or a small backpack within the provided dimensions.  

  • If you are a fly+ and FlyMax can also bring a flyer on FlyaDeal Airlines, you can also bring a carry-on bag with maximum dimensions of 55 x 20 x 40 cm and a weight limit of 10 kg.
  • Following FlyaDeal Airlines’ baggage policy, the small bag must be kept in the space available under the seat in front of you. 

Checked Baggage Policy

If you are flying with Fly fares on FlyaDeal Airlines, then there is no free checked baggage allowance included. However, you can purchase checked baggage before your FlyaDeal flight via the Manage Booking facility on the FlyaDeal website.

As given under  FlyaDeal Airlines’ baggage policy, Fly+ and Flymax Flyers are entitled to a free checked baggage allowance on FlyaDeal Airlines. The checked baggage allowance for such flyers is as follows:  

Reservation TypeNumber of BagsWeightSize (Dimensions)
Fly+120 kg35 cm x 50 cm x 75 cm
FlyMax132 kg35 cm x 50 cm x 75 cm

Excess Baggage Policy

Excess baggage refers to any bags exceeding the standard allowance in size, weight, or quantity. FlyaDeal Airlines allows you to pre-purchase excess baggage at reduced rates compared to airport prices. If your checked baggage exceeds the weight limits for your fare type, additional fees will apply.

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How much does FlyaDeal Airlines charge for Excess Baggage?

When traveling with FlyaDeal Airlines, it’s important to be aware of the potential fees associated with excess baggage. These fees apply when your checked baggage exceeds the weight allowance included in your fare type or when additional pieces of luggage are needed. 

The following table has outlined the FlyaDeal excess baggage fees to help you manage your travel budget effectively:

Pre-purchase Excess Baggage Fees (Online)

Weight LimitDomestic Flights (SAR)International Flights (SAR)Cairo Flights (SAR)
Up to 15kgStarting from 70Starting from 100Starting from 160
Up to 20kgStarting from 95Starting from 120Starting from 200
Up to 25kgStarting from 115Starting from 150Starting from 250
Up to 32kgStarting from 150Starting from 220Starting from 320

Airport Excess Baggage Fees

Weight LimitDomestic Flights (SAR)International Flights (SAR)Cairo Flights (SAR)
Up to 15kg180200250
Up to 20kg200220365
Up to 25kg240260480
Up to 32kg300320640

The oversized checked baggage (smaller than 140 cm x 85 cm x 65 cm) fee is SAR 115 for domestic flights, 200 for international, and SAR 500 for flights flying from Cairo. 

According to the  FlyaDeal Airlines’ baggage policy, if you wish to bring excess cabin baggage on FlyaDeal flights(either too large, too heavy, or too many), then you will be charged SAR 275 for each bag up to 25 kg for domestic and international flights and SAR 500 for Cairo flights.

How to Manage Baggage Issues with FlyaDeal Airlines?

When you experience any baggage issues with FlyaDeal Airlines such as delays, damage, or loss then you need to contact the airline as soon as possible. FlyaDeal Airlines has specific procedures to help manage these situations effectively.

Steps to Handle Baggage Issues: 

  1. If you notice any problems with your baggage upon arrival, report it to the FlyaDeal baggage service desk located in the baggage claim area before leaving the airport.
  2. Fill out a Passenger Irregularity Report (PIR) at the desk. This document is crucial for tracking your claim.
  3. Once you complete the PIR, you will receive an SMS confirmation of your claim reference, which you should keep for future reference.

FlyaDeal Liability for Baggage:

  • As per FlyaDeal Airlines’ baggage policy, liability for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage is limited unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid.
  • The airline is not liable for damage caused by normal wear and tear or for items prohibited in checked baggage.
  • Claims for damaged or lost baggage must be made within seven days for damaged baggage and 21 days for delayed baggage from the date the baggage was placed at your disposal.
  • Any legal action regarding baggage must be brought within two years from the date of the aircraft’s arrival, or from the date on which the aircraft ought to have arrived.

So, if you’re flying FlyaDeal, you must know its baggage allowance for a smooth and stress-free travel experience. By familiarizing yourself with the rules regarding carry-on and checked baggage, as well as the fees associated with excess baggage, you can plan your packing more efficiently and avoid any unexpected costs or delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the FlyaDeal baggage dimensions for checked luggage?

The checked baggage dimensions for FlyaDeal Airlines are limited to 35 x 50 x 75 cm.

How can I add or purchase extra baggage on FlyaDeal?

Extra baggage for FlyaDeal can be purchased before your flight via the “Manage My Booking” option on their website. Purchasing it online is recommended as it is more cost-effective compared to purchasing at the airport.

What are the extra baggage charges on FlyaDeal?

Pre-purchase online fees for extra baggage start from SAR 70 for up to 15 kg on domestic flights and go up to SAR 320 for up to 32 kg on flights to Cairo. Airport charges are significantly higher, with fees starting at SAR 180 for up to 15 kg on domestic flights and reaching SAR 640 for up to 32 kg on flights to Cairo.

How much is the cabin baggage allowance on FlyaDeal?

FlyaDeal permits one small under-seat bag per passenger for cabin baggage, with dimensions not exceeding 40 x 20 x 30 cm. Passengers with fly+ and flyMax fares can also bring an additional carry-on bag with a maximum size of 55 x 20 x 40 cm and a weight limit of 10 kg.

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