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Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy

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Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy

Lufthansa’s pet policy offers pet travel in the cabin, as checked luggage and cargo, and is subject to a fee. In this article, we will discuss all the rules and guidelines for Lufthansa pet travel, and how passengers can arrange their pet requests with the airlines.

Lufthansa Pet In Cabin Policy

Here are the following guidelines for the Lufthansa pet in-cabin service – 

  • Pet reservation – Lufthansa pet travel must be booked up to 24 hours before departure. Lufthansa’s pet travel reservation can be made by calling the airline’s representative.
  • Pet allowed – Lufthansa in-cabin allows small cats and dogs on board.
  • Lufthansa in-cabin pet fee – The airline charges 72 USD within Europe, and 120 USD on other international routes.
  • Age limit – 16 weeks for travel to/from the United States. 12 weeks for travel to/from other countries.
  • Lufthansa check-in – Must be completed at the airport counter 2 hours before departure as per its check-in policy.
  • Maximum weight – Must not exceed 17.6lb/8kg (including pet).
  • Size of the pet carrier – Maximum size must be within 55 x 40 x 23cm (22 x 16 x 9in).
  • Pet carrier allowed – 1 Lufthansa pet carrier permitted per passenger.

Lufthansa Pet Travel as Checked Luggage

Lufthansa Airlines pet policy allows pets to travel as checked luggage provided they must meet the following guidelines – 

  • Pet reservation – Lufthansa pet travel service in the baggage hold must be booked 24 hours before departure.
  • Pet allowed – Lufthansa pets as checked luggage service allows domesticated cats, dogs, rabbits, and hares.
  • Lufthansa pet travel fee – The baggage fee of Lufthansa for pets includes 115 USD within Europe and 437 USD on other international routes. The fee is charged per passenger each way.
  • Lufthansa check-in – Check-in must be completed at the airport counter 2 hours before departure. 
  • Travel restrictions – For travel to/from Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, pets are restricted to travel as checked luggage. 
  • Age limit – 16 weeks for pets to travel to/from the United States. 12 weeks for other international destinations.
  • Transit restriction – In Munich, pets are not permitted to travel as checked luggage on a connecting flight.
  • Pet carrier size – The size of the Lufthansa pet carrier must be within 125cm × 75cm × 85cm (49 x 29 x 33in).
  • Pet carrier limit – Only 1 pet carrier per passenger is allowed each way.

Lufthansa Pet Policy as Cargo Travel

Any pet that exceeds in weight or size must be transported in the cargo. As per Lufthansa pet cargo policy, the pet travel must be reserved through a licensed agent.

  • Pet allowed – Larger pets such as domesticated dogs, ornamental fish, rabbits, hares, and poultry, horses are allowed to travel under the Lufthansa pet cargo service.
  • Forms – The following documents are needed at the Lufthansa check-in counter for pets to travel as cargo –
    • Pet’s health certificate (must be issued no later than 10 days of travel)
    • Rabies vaccination certificate
  • Route restriction – Live animals are not permitted to be transported as cargo to/from Kuwait. 
  • Transit restriction – Passengers having a connecting flight at Munich International Airport must note that transit from one flight to another is not permitted. 
  • Breed restrictions – Fighting breeds are not permitted in the Boeing or Airbus. Rather they are only permitted to travel in CR82 aircraft.
  • Temperature restriction – Brachycephalic dog breeds, also known as snub-nosed breeds, are required to be transported in the cargo hold with temperatures maintained at 27°C/75°F or lower.
  • Lufthansa pet carrier size – Sould not exceed 125cm x 75cm x 85cm (49in x 29in x 33in).

Service Animals Travel with Lufthansa

Lufthansa Airlines considers only trained service dogs as service animals in their pet policy. Passengers with reduced mobility or those with sensory, visual, intellectual, psychiatric, or mental challenges are allowed assistance from trained service dogs.

Passengers traveling to/from the US must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Pets permitted – 2 service animals are allowed per passenger under Lufthansa pet in-cabin service.
  • Lufthansa in-cabin pet fee for service animals – Service animals can travel free of charge.
  • Reservation timeline – Passengers can complete the Lufthansa pet travel booking at least 48 hours before departure.
  • Form submissions – Passengers are required to send the following forms to Lufthansa Medical Operation Center via email at nycmedicaldesk(@)
    • U.S. DOT Service Animal Transportation Form
    • US DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form
  • Age limit – Pet must be at least 16 weeks or older to be eligible for travel under Lufthansa pet cargo service.

Passengers traveling to/from other countries must follow the following conditions:

  • Permitted service animals – Guide dogs, seizure alert dogs, and diabetic alert dogs, which are service animals (SVAN), can accompany passengers in the cabin at no extra cost according to the pet policy of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Reservation timeline – Lufthansa pet cargo service must be registered 24 hours pre-departure.

Emotional Support Animals on Lufthansa

As per Lufthansa pet travel guidelines, emotional support animals are permitted for a fee. ESA traveling outside the US must travel in an IATA-compliant carrier. 

  • Documents required – Must submit a medical certificate. Must submit 48 hours before departure.
  • Booking timeline – Must be booked 24 hours before departure.

What type of pets do Lufthansa Airlines allow?

As per Lufthansa Airlines pet policy, the airline allows small pets to be transported in the cabin, in the baggage hold as well as in the cargo.

Small cats and dogs that weigh no more than 8 kg are allowed to travel under Lufthansa pet in cabin service. Larger cats and dogs need to be booked under the Lufthansa pet cargo service. The airline also allows assistance dogs free of charge.

Lufthansa Pet Travel Prices

Below is the overview of the Lufthansa pet travel fee for travel in-cabin, checked as well as cargo.

Fee for Lufthansa in-cabin pet fee:

Travel RouteLufthansa Pet Fee
Within Germany60 USD
Within Europe72 USD
North Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Mediterranean coast96 USD
Short Intercontinental Routes108 USD
Europe to the USA/East Coast)120 USD
Long Intercontinental Routes132 USD
To/from Japan84 USD

Lufthansa pet travel fee as checked baggage:

RoutePet Carrier Size (up to 60 x 45 x 40cm)Pet Carrier Size (up to 125 x 75 x 85cm)
Within Germany92 USD184 USD
Within Europe115 USD230 USD
North Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Mediterranean coast149 USD299 USD
Short Intercontinental Routes172 USD346 USD
Europe to the USA / East Coast195 USD391 USD
Long Intercontinental Routes218 USD437 USD
To/from Japan200 USD400 USD

To wrap up, booking Lufthsana pet travel service can be easily done at the time of booking or through the airline’s call center. Passengers must complete the pet travel reservation at least 24-48 hours before departure for hassle-free travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a pet to a Lufthansa flight?

Passengers can add Lufthansa pet travel at the time of check-in or by calling the airline’s representative at 1800 102 5838.

Does Lufthansa allow pets?

Yes, Lufthansa allows small cats and dogs in the cabin, larger animals as checked as well as cargo.

Does Lufthansa allow pets in business class?

No. Lufthansa does not allow pets to travel in the business class.

Does Lufthansa allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, the airline allows small cats and dogs to travel in the cabin and is subject to Lufthansa in-cabin pet fee.

How strict is Lufthansa about pet carrier dimensions?

Lufthansa pet carrier dimensions must be within 55 x 40 x 23cm (22 x 16 x 9in). Any carrier that exceeds the size must be transported as checked luggage.

How early to check in pets with Lufthansa?

Passengers must complete the Lufthansa check-in with pets up to 1 hour before departure for travel within Germany and 2 hours before departure for flights outside.

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