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Mokulele Airlines Baggage Allowance & Policy

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Mokulele Airlines Baggage Allowance & Policy

Mokulele Airlines baggage policy outlines the weight & size limitations of carry-on, checked baggage, special items, and associated fees for excess luggage. So, if you’re planning your next trip with Mokulele Airlines within the United States, get its baggage rules in this guide. It will help you ensure an easy travel experience with the air carrier.

Mokulele Airlines Baggage Rules

Before heading to the airport, it’s important to be aware of the rules given under the Mokulele Airlines’ baggage policy. It will help you avoid any unconventional circumstances before boarding your flight with Mokulele Airlines.

  • You must ensure that your luggage is as per the Mokulele Airlines weight and size restrictions to avoid paying any charges during check-in.
  • According to the baggage policy of Mokulele Airlines, you should be prepared for a baggage inspection by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or airline staff as an essential part of safety and security measures.
  • Remember, Mokulele Airlines reserves the right to refuse carriage of certain items, including dangerous goods or items deemed unsuitable for transport.
  • To check in your baggage with Mokulele Airlines on time, you must meet the check-in policy and deadlines given by the airline to avoid missing your flight.
  • If transferring from another airline, you’re responsible for collecting and re-checking your baggage with Mokulele Airlines unless an interline agreement exists.

Mokulele Airlines Baggage Allowance

Mokulele Airlines offers a generous baggage allowance, but with certain limitations to ensure all passengers have a pleasant journey. Both carry-on and checked baggage are included, allowing you to bring the essentials and more for your trip with Mokulele Airlines.

Carry-on Baggage

You are allowed to bring 1 piece of carry-on baggage with maximum dimensions of 15(W)x 12(H )x 10(L) inches, with weight not exceeding 15 lbs. This includes personal items such as a handbag or laptop bag.

NOTE: For flights numbered 3000-3999, the carry-on must fit in the seat back pocket or within the seat’s footprint, with the weight contributing to the overall checked baggage allowance.

Checked Baggage

You are allowed to carry checked baggage for a certain fee. The standard checked baggage size must not exceed 30(W) x 15(H) x 45(L) inches, with a weight limit of 70 lbs. 

  • Special considerations apply to military personnel and passengers with mobility aids.
  • Baggage fees are structured as $20 for the first item, $30 for the second, and $50 for each additional item. Overweight and sports equipment incur additional charges.

Extra Baggage and Fees

Mokulele Airlines charges for extra baggage and specific items like sports equipment, with fees starting at $20 for the first checked item and varying for additional pieces and overweight baggage.

Special items, including sports equipment and musical instruments, are subject to specific conditions and fees. For instance, surfboards up to 6 feet incur a $35 fee, while larger items may not be accepted.

Traveling with Pets

Mokulele Airlines offers detailed guidelines for passengers traveling with pets, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the journey:

  • Pets are considered to be cats and dogs, with specific conditions for their carriage based on weight and aircraft type.
  • A fee of $25 applies for two small pets in one carrier with a combined weight of 25 lbs. Larger pets, between 26 lbs and 80 lbs, incur a $75 fee per leg of the trip.
  • Pets must remain in their carrier during the flight, with size restrictions ensuring they fit comfortably under the seat or in the allocated cabin space.
  • Advance notice and adherence to behavioral and grooming standards are required for all pets traveling on Mokulele Airlines.

What to do if my baggage is missing, delayed, or damaged? 

If you encounter any issues with your baggage like lost, delayed, or damaged, Mokulele Airlines has procedures in place to assist you:

  • Report the issue to Mokulele Airlines staff as soon as you notice your baggage is missing, delayed, or damaged.
  • Provide detailed information about your baggage and your flight to help the airline locate and resolve the issue promptly.
  • Keep any receipts for essential purchases if your baggage is delayed, as you may be eligible for reimbursement.

Understanding Mokulele Airlines’ baggage policy is key to a stress-free travel experience. By adhering to the guidelines and preparing for any additional fees, you can ensure that your journey with Mokulele Airlines is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Mokulele Airlines baggage allowance?

Mokulele Airlines allows each fare-paying passenger to carry one piece of carry-on baggage with a maximum dimension of 15” W x 12″H x 10″L and a weight limit of 15 lbs. For checked baggage, the maximum outside dimensions are 30″W x 15″H x 45″L with a weight limit of 70 lbs.

How much are Mokulele Airlines baggage fees?

Mokulele Airlines charges $20 for the first checked bag, $30 for the second, and $50 for each additional bag. Heavy baggage items weighing between 51 and 70 lbs. incur an additional $35 fee on top of the standard bag fee. Sports equipment is subject to a $35 fee per item.

What are the specifics for Mokulele Airlines’ checked baggage?

Checked baggage on Mokulele Airlines must not exceed dimensions of 30″W x 15″H x 45″L and a maximum weight of 70 lbs. Baggage fees apply as follows: $20 for the first item, $30 for the second, and $50 for each subsequent item. Heavy items over 50 lbs. but under 70 lbs. Then a fee of $35 will be applied.

Can I add extra baggage on Mokulele Airlines and how?

Yes, you can add extra baggage on Mokulele Airlines. Additional bags beyond your allowance are charged at $50 each. It’s advisable to arrange for extra baggage in advance through Mokulele Airlines’ Call Center or at the airport to ensure space availability and to manage any applicable fees efficiently.

What are the rules for Mokulele Airlines cabin baggage?

Cabin baggage on Mokulele Airlines must not exceed dimensions of 15” W x 12″H x 10″L and a weight limit of 15 lbs. Each passenger is allowed one piece of carry-on baggage plus a personal item, such as a briefcase, small laptop computer, or purse, within the same size and weight restrictions.

How early should I check my baggage with Mokulele Airlines?

Passengers must check in and present their baggage at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure for most flights. For flights numbered 3000-3999, baggage must be presented at least 15 minutes before departure.

What is Mokulele Airlines’ policy on military baggage?

Military passengers traveling on orders are allowed to check two items for free on Mokulele Airlines. These items can be up to a maximum weight of 70 lbs. with dimensions not exceeding 30″W x 15″H x 45″L.

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