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Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

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Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

When traveling with Delta Airlines, you may need to change your name due to various reasons like typing mistakes or life events like marriages. To resolve such issues, Delta Airlines has established a clear and accommodating name change policy. So, you can change your name with Delta Airlines but it is subject to certain terms and conditions. In this guide, you will learn how to change your name with Delta under its policy to ensure that you know what to do when traveling with this air carrier whether you’re correcting a typo or updating your name.

Guidelines and Rules

Delta Airlines’ name change policy caters to both domestic and international travelers. Whether you’re dealing with a minor typo or a significant name change due to life events like marriage or divorce, understanding Delta’s policies will help ensure a smooth adjustment to your travel documents. Below, find the detailed guidelines that you need to follow:

When contacting Delta Support is necessary:

To change the name on Delta tickets, you must contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations under specific circumstances. Here are the scenarios given under Delta’s name change policy where direct engagement with customer support is required:

  • You must connect with Delta Airlines for name correction if your itinerary includes flights operated by partner airlines such as Aeromexico, Air France, KLM, Korean Air, or Virgin Atlantic.
  • Due to specific regulatory requirements, direct contact is required to change the name if you are traveling to or from China and India.
  • If corrections involve more than 3 letters of the passenger’s last name then connecting with Delta Global Sales support is necessary. 
  • If the name on the ticket has already gone through changes once and requires more changes, or if the ticket needs to be issued again, then you must contact Delta Airlines customer support or the reservation department for a name change.

NOTE: For travel between the USA and China, name changes and corrections for Delta Airlines are restricted. A new reservation is required for any name updates, and you must contact Global Sales Support for assistance.

When contacting Delta Support is not required:

You can make minor changes to your name without contacting Delta Airlines. 

  • The Delta name change policy applies worldwide for tickets issued on Delta 006 ticket stock.
  • To make changes in the name, Delta or Delta Connection carriers must be the operator of all flights included on the ticket.
  • Each ticket can go through name changes only once. 
  • The same passenger listed on the original booking with Delta Airlines must be the traveler.
  • The SFPD (Secure Flight Passenger Data) information must remain the same as per the original ticket.

How to change name on Delta Tickets?

For minor name changes on Delta tickets, you can easily make adjustments online through Delta’s official website. For more significant name alterations, you will be required to contact Global Sales Support for personalized assistance. Each of the methods is discussed below. 

Minor Name Corrections

For first or middle name changes in Delta tickets, you need to correct the name in the Passenger Name Record (PNR) and add an OSI message indicating the correction. After this, you have to reissue the ticket with Delta Airlines. For last name corrections((up to three letters only), you can follow the same process as above, with an OSI message specific to last name corrections.

You can follow the given steps to change your name with Delta Airlines:

  • Visit the Delta Airlines official website.
  • On the homepage, find and click on the “My Trips” options. 
  • Here, please enter the confirmation number along with the first and last name. 
  • Then click on the “Search” button to find your trip details.
  • After exceeding your reservations, make the required changes and update your ticket. 

Significant Name Changes

For changes that do not fall under the minor corrections category, you need to contact Delta Reservations or Global Sales Support. This includes changing more than three letters of the last name or changes after marriage or divorce to ensure that your ticket reflects your current, legal name and matches other identification documents.

How to Change Name on Delta SkyMiles Account?

If you need to update your name, date of birth, or gender on your Delta SkyMiles account, it’s important to follow Delta’s name change policy.  It will ensure your account information aligns with your legal identification documents. Here’s how you can make these changes:

For Name Change

To update your name, Delta requires you to provide supporting legal documentation. This is to ensure that the name on your SkyMiles account matches the name on your legal identification, such as your driver’s license or passport, which you use for travel.

  • Required Documentation: You must send a copy of the relevant court documents. This could include a court order, marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other legal documents that reflect the name change.
  • Submission Process: Along with the copy of your court documents, include the specific name change request and use the Identity Verification Form to submit your documentation.

Updating Middle Name

If you only need to change or include your middle name, the process is simpler, and no legal documentation is required. This applies to the following scenarios:

  • Adding a middle name to your account.
  • Changing a middle initial to your full middle name.
  • Changing your full middle name to an initial.
  • For these updates, simply log in to your Delta SkyMiles account on the official website and excess your account details to make the required changes.
  • If you’re experiencing difficulties accessing your account or need to verify your identity for a request, you should complete the Identity Verification Form. This form is designed to help you verify your identity and facilitate the update process.

Does Delta Airlines charge for the Name Change?

As per the Delta Airlines name change policy, you will not be charged any fees for minor corrections. However, if you are required to make more significant changes, especially those requiring rebooking or involving flights operated by partner airlines, then it may incur fees. To avoid any extra charges, you must make the changes at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. Additionally, the fee can be different for specific scenarios and tickets. 

NOTE: You can directly consult with Delta for the most accurate information regarding your specific situation.

Overall, Delta Airlines’ name change policy is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of its passengers. You can make simple name changes online via the website or connect with Global Sales Support for more significant name changes due to life events. You can complete the process easily by understanding the guidelines and knowing when and how to reach out for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the name on a Delta ticket online?

Minor name corrections can often be handled through your booking agent or online if you booked directly through Delta. For more significant changes, it’s advisable to contact Delta directly.

Does Delta allow name changes for international flights?

Yes, you can make changes in your name for an international flight with Delta Airlines. However, the process may involve additional steps, especially if the flight is operated by a partner airline or involves travel to certain countries like India and China.

Can you change your name on a Delta airline ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on a Delta airline ticket. Delta Airlines allows for name changes on tickets under certain conditions as minor corrections to first or middle names, corrections to up to three letters of the last name, additions to the last name without altering the original, and the inversion of first and last names.

Does Delta charge a change fee?

For most minor name corrections, Delta Airlines does not charge a fee. However, for more significant name changes, especially those that require rebooking or involve flights operated by partner airlines, then you may be required to pay the applicable fees.

Can you transfer Delta Airlines tickets?

Delta Airlines tickets are generally non-transferable, meaning you cannot transfer your ticket to another person. The policy is designed to ensure that the ticket holder is the person who travels.

What to do if I forget to put my middle name on my plane ticket with Delta?

If you forget to add your middle name to your Delta ticket, it’s typically not a problem. However, you can add it by visiting the “My Trips” section on Delta’s official website to update your booking.

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