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Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

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Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Delta Airlines provides a detailed policy on unaccompanied minor travel to provide comfort and safety for children flying alone. This includes several guidelines and features such as a trackable wristband, access to Delta Sky Zones, and personal escorts for your child throughout their journey. Parents must be aware of Delta Airlines’ unaccompanied minor policy to ensure a convenient journey for kids. 

Learn about this policy and guidelines and prepare your child for a comfortable travel experience as an unaccompanied minor with Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Rules 

Delta Airlines has specific rules for unaccompanied minors to ensure their safety as well as comfort during travel. Some of the key guidelines you must be aware of before planning your child’s travel independently as a minor on Delta Airlines are given below: 

  • Age Requirements: The age criteria to avail of the unaccompanied child travel services on Delta Airlines is 5 to 14 years. However, children aged 15-17 years, who travel like standard passengers, can also use the unaccompanied minor service if preferred.
  • Booking: To make a booking for an unaccompanied child, contact Delta Reservations by calling 800-325-8847. The adult making this reservation will have to share a 4-digit PIN required for any itinerary changes.
  • Check-In: A responsible adult aged 18 or older must escort the minor children through the flight check-in procedure and collect the minor at their arrival point. The accompanying adult must provide a photo ID, address, contact phone number, name, correct address, and phone number of the adult meeting the child at the destination.
  • Boarding: Following the Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor program, an airline employee will escort the unaccompanied minor to board the plane before general boarding begins, introduce them to the flight attendants, and familiarize them with the aircraft’s safety features.
  • Delta Sky Zones: If your child has a connecting flight through specific airports, they can wait in Delta Sky Zones, which are children-only areas with activities and staff to ensure their comfort and safety.

How to book a flight for an Unaccompanied Minor with Delta Airlines?

You can contact Delta Reservations by calling 800-325-8847 to understand the eligibility criteria and book flight tickets for unaccompanied minors on Delta Airlines. While booking the reservation, you will need to provide a PIN of 4 digits, which will be necessary for making any modification to the reservation.

NOTE: While reservation, be sure that your child’s name is correction avoid any future name change/correction with Delta Airlines. It may lead to last-minute issues which might be inconvenient for your child.

How to prepare your child for flying with Delta?

If your child is flying as an unaccompanied minor on a flight with Delta Airlines, talk with him/her about the journey and remind them to speak only to Delta Airlines staff in times of need. Ensure they do not leave the gate area at any time and make sure to tell Delta Airlines in advance if your child has any special requirements.

  • To make their travel comfortable you can pack games, snacks, books, or other entertainment options which are generally allowed to carry. 
  • Make sure that they carry a small backpack to keep their essentials. It is recommended to attach an ID with contact information to your child’s carry-on luggage or jacket he/she is wearing.

Required Check-In Documents

As per Delta Airlines policies, the accompanying guardian must present the following documents during check-in to complete the process conveniently:

  • Photo ID (passport, license, etc.)
  • Address (as given on ID)
  • Working phone number
  • Name, phone number, and address of the person receiving the unaccompanied minor at the departure airport.

Boarding and Flight Takeoff

A parent or assigned adult must escort the unaccompanied minor to the departing gate and stay until the plane has taken off. A Delta or partner airline representative will assist if the child has a connecting flight in another city. For safety reasons, Delta advises seating children at the back of the plane near the flight attendant.

Delta Sky Zones

If an unaccompanied minor is traveling on a connecting flight through New York,  Atlanta, Memphis, Cincinnati, Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Detroit, or Salt Lake City, they can wait in Delta Sky Zones. These are children-only areas that offer activities like video games, toys, and books, and Delta Airlines representatives are always available there to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable.

Pick-Up Rules

The individual meeting the child must present an original ID and provide a signature. Delta will only release the child to the designated person. The pickup person should arrive at the airport two hours before arrival to receive the gate pass. If there is a change in the pickup person, the accompanying adult must inform Delta of the updated details.

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How much does it cost to fly an Unaccompanied Minor on Delta Airlines?

According to Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Travel Policy, you will be charged a fee of $150 per reservation each way for children between 5 to 14 years of age.

These charges are applicable in CAD and EUR for departures from Canada or Europe. However,

  • The same fee is required for both domestic and international travel with Delta Airlines, including direct as well as connecting flights, along with the adult fare. 
  • For this $150 fee, up to 4 children traveling together between the age of 5-14 years will get an employee escort for a special and comfortable travel with Delta.

Overall, Delta Airlines has strict rules on providing necessary documentation, seating arrangements, etc. under its unaccompanied minor (UMNR) travel program to ensure your child is safe.

You must be aware of these escort services to ensure your child has a comfortable trip with Delta Airlines. Whether flying within the United States or internationally, Delta Airlines offers support and services to unaccompanied minors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement for unaccompanied minors on Delta Airlines?

Kids between 5 to 14 years of age need to travel as unaccompanied minors on Delta Airlines. However, children aged 15 to 17 years are considered standard passengers and can use the unaccompanied minor service if preferred.

How much are the unaccompanied minor travel charges on Delta Airlines?

As per Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Travel Program, usual the charges are $150 both ways. The same fee is applicable for both international and domestic travel.

What are the requirements for booking an unaccompanied minor on Delta Airlines?

To book an unaccompanied minor, you must contact Delta Reservations at 800-325-8847 & provide a 4-digit PIN to the agent. And your booking will be completed.

Does Delta Airlines permit unaccompanied minors to travel internationally?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows unaccompanied minors to travel internationally. However, note that there are several restrictions depending on country-wise requirements or flying with other airlines.

What is the Delta Sky Zone?

Delta Sky Zones are children-only areas available at specific airports for unaccompanied minors with connecting flights. These areas offer activities like books, toys, and video games, and are staffed by Delta representatives to ensure your child feels secure and comfortable.

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