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What to wear on a plane in Summer? – Comfortable Airport Outfits

Top Summer Airport Outfit Ideas For Men & Women

Traveling can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. On priority, every traveler wants to feel comfortable and agile enough to pass through security, lift bags, board the flight, and so on. You need to get in those comfortable outfits that help you maneuver comfortably and fresh when you reach your final destination too. In this guide, we’ll help you walk through comfy summer airport outfits for both men and women and how you can pair them during long flight hours.

Summer Airport Outfit Ideas For Men

If you’re traveling for business, you need to get into the wrinkle-free attire as you may need to head straight to the office. 

Men on leisure travel need to go for comfort fabrics like cotton, wool, or linen that will allow air to breathe in and are comfortable for sitting.

You can try these options – 

  • Joggers – Go for lightweight, cambric joggers which are not only breathable but can stretch comfortably when you bend, sit, or need to move freely. You can pair them with a t-shirt, polo, or a comfortable hoody to make it more stylish. 
  • Henley shirt and jeans – This combo is not just stylish but comfortable, and it adds a touch of soberness. You can go for a button-up style for the Henley shirt. When you pair it with jeans, it brings a sense of versatility to your aura.
  • Pullover hoodies – They are known for their coziness, thanks to the soft fabric that is perfect for long traveling hours. You can wear a T-shirt inside or a shirt for extra warmth, thus protecting you from sudden climate change.
  • Chinos and shirt – Lightweight wrinkle-free chinos and shirts are the most comfortable outfit for long flights especially for business travelers, who need to maintain a professional appearance and want to head straight to the office after long flight hours. You can also pair it with polos for TGIF looks. 
  • Lightweight jacket – You can pair a lightweight jacket with different outfits. This will help you when you travel to a destination that encounters unexpected rains and harsh winters.  Also, jackets add style to your travel outfits. You can go for bomber jackets, windcheaters, or Harrington jackets for a classy look.

Summer Airport Outfit Ideas For Women

Women travelers focus more on comfort and breathability which also have a touch of versatility. Here’s a suggestion for  what to wear on a plane in the summer – 

  • Leggings – This is the most comfortable outfit that women can pair with a loose-fitting top, hoodie, or oversized sweater.  Avoid leggings that are too stretchy and too tight. You can opt for neutral colors like black, navy blue, skin tone, red, gray, white, and red. These colors could be paired with a variety of tops.
  • Jumpsuit – One piece like a jumpsuit can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. The best part of wearing a jumpsuit is it has chic features like multiple pockets and elastic waistbands for ease of comfort while traveling.
  • Maxi dress – This is the ideal summer airport outfit that offers style and ease of wear. There are a lot of options to pair; you can; layer it with a denim jacket, or lightweight sweater, choose slip-on shoes, or add unique accessories like a scarf or a colorful tote bag.
  • Smart pants – Working women can go for wrinkle-resistant smart pants that will still give a fresh look after sitting for long hours. You can pair this with a relaxed blazer, ballet flats, and minimalist jewelry for a more professional look.
  • Turtleneck – The matching turtleneck top with knit pants not only adds luxe vibes but is also a comfy airport outfit for summer.
  • Co-ord set – Co-ords are your answer to ‘what to wear on a plane in summer’ especially when you have a flight mid-afternoon. You can choose from satin, linen, or tencel, and is the most comfortable outfit for long flights. Go for organic or future cotton if you traveling on a red-eye flight.

The summer airport outfits don’t mean that you lose the true essence of style just to get comfortable. Choosing the right clothing is also essential for your travel; whether it’s business or leisure. Also, the comfort of the clothes you wear is important when you breeze through security checkpoints, or when you lift your suitcase at the baggage counter. Whether you travel a lot or are a rare traveler, getting into the most comfortable outfit for a long flight can enhance your experience at every stage of travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most comfortable outfit to wear on a plane?

Loungewear and pajamas are the most comfortable outfits, especially for passengers who are on long-haul flights. Passengers traveling for business go for wrinkle-free pants that look fresh and polished even after long sitting hours.

How can I look stylish when flying?

Always opt for the jacket, relaxed blazers, or hoodies that will not only give you a cozy feel but also make you look stylish.

Is it OK to wear jeans on a plane?

Yes, but always prefer denims that are not too tight for your skin.

How do you not get uncomfortable on a plane?

Dressing for comfort is one of the important factors that help you enhance your travel experience. Go for stretchy, comfortable clothing such as a pair of yoga pants, joggers, or oversized t-shirts.

Can you wear slippers on a plane?

Absolutely, and there is nothing wrong with wearing slippers while traveling. It is convenient during security checks where you need to slip them on and off.

What shoes are allowed on planes?

Yes, you can wear any type of shoes on board as well as at the airport. Try to put on comfy shoes that help you relax during long-haul flights.

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